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About how to solve an n-dimensional sequential move puzzle with calculable sequence using a little linear algebra.

(now I started writing it online again. January 27, 2012)

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This way to solve any size of Rubik's Cube is not fit most people, because it solve pieces one by one. So it's very slow and tedious. If there are many cubies like 7x7x7, it will take you very long time. But it's calculable. In other word, it can be generated by computer program.

My English wasn't good at all so I need your help. You are encouraged to make corrections.

What a ‘real’ cube isEdit


1. Coordinate System


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This wiki is not finished. There are a lot to do.

Thanks to a paper for giving me a lot of inspiration, but the site is broken now so there isn't a link to it yet. You can search "一式解万方" on Baidu for it.